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Jane Churchill, Artist : Testimonials


Quote from Dawn Grant, Community Development Manager, Town and Country Foundation, Town and Country Housing Group, Tunbridge Wells. Kent:

“Jane Churchill has worked with Town & Country Foundation as our lead artist for the past 3 years when we launched as a charitable organization and with the Main Housing Association for two years before that.

“She has created and lead many projects that engage with all sections of our residents from sculpture trails that link communities, artworks from summer schemes that are then exhibited, to mosaics and murals. We also have used Jane to help creatively consult with and gather feedback from our communities . She has lead lantern parades, created exhibitions and projects to create artwork for calendars; painted murals and made sculptures with many of our communities and schools in Tunbridge Wells and rural areas from Paddockwood down to Dover. Projects such as ‘Tear it up and Wear it out” paper fashion/theatre project were created and lead for us by Jane. She works with our aims and engages with all ages, all abilities, all media and builds confidence with even our hard to reach groups.

“She has tremendous energy, vision and creativity. Not only a talented artist in her own right but essential for our organisation is her ability to encourage and nurture those people in disadvantaged communities.”

Comments on Jane Churchill as Theatre Designer

Comments from audiences when asked ‘what did you enjoy about Strangeface Theatre Company’s performance of Christmas Carol?’

‘Everything!’ ‘Brilliant’ ‘The whole thing was fabulous, the masks and set and chorus were really inventive’ ‘ How inventive the set pieces were’ ‘ I loved it!’ ‘Great acting, great set pieces’ ‘It was awesome!’ ‘All of it! Puppets, percussion, stage set!’ ‘Its originality and creativity’ ‘The best Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen!’ ‘I’m speechless!’

‘Absolutely mesmerising – we were transported to a different world.’

Comment from Julia Armstrong, Author of ‘Running to Learn’:

“I chose Jane to create the cover for my book ‘Running to Learn’. I had some quite clear ideas of what I wanted and I found working with Jane an incredibly collaborative process, she brought alive my own vision and never once imposed on me her own ideas, rather her own gifts and creative vision enhanced and brought to life my own thoughts more beautifully and expansively than I could have imagined. It seemed all I did was talk about what I hoped for. Jane really listened to me, I felt heard and that she understood where I was coming from and what I wanted to communicate through my cover. She then came back with something so much more, but so totally in tune and alignment with my own expression. The process seemed to me such a gift both from within her and to me.

“It was as if she had brought me out and onto the cover of my book but through her amazing artwork.

“I also loved being with Jane and working with her, such a joy – a magical experience.”

Comments from participants working on projects with Jane

Resident of Rumsey Court, Wealden District Council. ‘Creative Steps’:

“It was a fantastic day working with Jane, and I would love to do it again.”

Comments from participants making lanterns for Chinese New Year 2010 Year of the Tiger Parade through Tunbridge Wells. ‘What did you enjoy?’

‘All of it!’ ‘Everything!’ ‘I enjoyed all, all, all, all, all of it!’ ‘Loved it!’ ‘I liked that we could use our own ideas.’ ‘That we could choose the design’ ‘ I enjoyed the mixture of drawing and pattern’ ‘ I loved it.’

‘What didn’t you enjoy?’

‘Nothing,’ ‘I just wanted longer time!’

Comment from one of the participants in Carer’s First ‘Meet the Incredibles’ Theatre/Art project October 2009:

“I am really enjoying this drama course and thank you for showing me that an ordinary person can become a super hero in their own way.”